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Update on January 28, 2020

Good news! Yesterday Shopify reversed its new policy on the Compare Price fields. The compare price no longer needs to be greater than the price. This means that you can use the compare price however you want, it can be larger, equal to or less than the price.

We are leaving the option in the app to edit the price and compare price fields together.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Original post:

If you’re using our Bulk Editor App to edit products on Shopify there’s some important changes coming in late December that affect how prices and compare at prices can be modified.

What changes are being made?

Shopify is releasing a new version of their API which requires the ‘compare price’ to be either blank or greater than the ‘price’ field. If this condition isn’t met, Shopify will refuse to update the product variant.

You can read more about the changes on our support site.

When are these changes taking effect?

We’re waiting until after the holiday rush and we will be upgrading to the new API version on December 21, 2020. After this date, the Bulk Editor app will no longer be able to set the ‘compare price’ to be equal to or lower than the ‘price’ field.

How do I run sales now?

We’ll be adding options to the In-App edits which allow you edit both the ‘price’ and ‘compare price’ fields at the same time. This will reduce the number of edits you need to launch a sale and will also help keep the relationship between the two fields correct.

Have you made any other updates to the app that can help?

We’ve made a couple other updates to the app which should help:

  • Added the option to set the ‘compare price’ to blank if the validation fails
  • Improved the exportable edit logs to include errors which will highlight any problems with the ‘compare price’ validation

How can I identify variants with invalid compare prices?

You can identify invalid compare prices either through the In-App edit or by exporting a spreadsheet with your product data.

To search for variants with invalid compare prices in the app click on In-App Edit and then apply the following filters:

  • Price = Compare Price
  • Price > Compare Price
  • Click on ‘all of the following’ above the search filters to change the match mode to ‘any of the following’

To identify invalid prices with a spreadsheet, click on Export Product Data, select the ‘price’ and ‘compare price’ fields and click on Generate Spreadsheet.

You can then use Excel or Google Sheets to filter for variants where the compare price isn’t greater than the price.

I still have some questions about how to edit the prices correctly

We’re happy to help, just send an email to support@ablestar.co with a description of your problem and we’ll sort it out.

Ablestar speaks to FastAndFriendlyProducts.com, to learn more about how the Bulk Product Edit & Sync app for Shopify has helped make ecommerce easier for them.

About The Business

FastAndFriendlyProducts are a small, family-run business based in the USA. They sell a range of different products online, under two brand names. BeMedFree.com® offers natural supplements for humans and their pets. DealioHound provides a range of print on demand items in a range of unique designs.

The Problem They Faced

Both of their ecommerce brands selling a wide variety of products, which often included a large number of variants. So, FastAndFriendly needed a smarter, faster way of applying changes to their inventory information.

“I needed to make changes to a lot of products in the most efficient way possible.”

Mark, Co-Founder of FastAndFriendlyProducts

Selling across a number of market places and with multiple brands, orders and fulfilments to manage, it was important for their co-founder, Mark, to be able to keep on top of product listings.

A Seamless Solution For Shopify Bulk Product Editing

Sure that there must be a simpler way of performing bulk product edits, Mark started to search the Shopify App Store.

He came upon the listing for Bulk Product Editor & Sync, and it stood out right away.

“The Bulk Product Editor & Sync app seemed to meet our needs in terms of functionality. The reviews were good, and the price was reasonable.”

Mark, Co-Founder of FastAndFriendlyProducts

After a straightforward installation process, Mark was able to put the app to work right away, saving a huge amount of time and effort, and ensuring that his large and varied inventory was kept perfectly up to date.

Instant Return On Investment

When committing to a solution for our Shopify stores, it’s important to know that in addition to solving a specific problem, we’re going to see a great ROI.

We were happy to learn that this was precisely the case for Mark and FastAndFriendlyProducts.

“Within minutes of installing the app on our store, it had already paid for itself in terms of the amount of time it saved us, by allowing us to update a lot of products automatically.”

Mark, Co-Founder of FastAndFriendlyProducts

As a busy ecommerce manager, juggling multiple stores across a range of platforms and market places, time is at a premium for Mark. If you find yourself in the same position, you might like to check out our Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Store Management Efficiency.

We’re delighted to hear that our Bulk Product Editor & Sync was able to save Mark so much time and trouble. We hope it continues to prove a valuable and helpful tool, as he expands his ecommerce operation!

Ablestar speaks to UnEarthedCandles.com to learn how our Shopify app makes their bulk product edit & sync process quick and easy.

About The Business

UnEarthedCandles.com manufacture candles with Advanced Fragrance Technology® – allowing them to make the most highly scented candles on the market today. Their candles scent up to 4,000 square feet of open space.

Selling both B2C and B2B via their online store, hosted with Shopify, they have a significant inventory with many product variants and constantly changing stock.

The Problem They Faced

With a large product catalog, editing inventory was proving an incredibly time-consuming task for UnEarthedCandles.

When it came to bulk edits, changing as little as one word within the description or product name, across a small inventory of products could take many hours.

Beyond the effort and time taken to manually edit products, when working methodically through a large inventory list, simply locating each product was a challenge…

“You don’t always get to hit the back button and end up at the same product you were working on, ready to just to click to the next product. You often have to scroll down the page to get back to where you left off each time. Multiply that times the number of products you have to edit and it can turn into, literally, days or even weeks of editing. Heaven forbid you have multiple edits to each product!”

Lisa Clark, UnEarthedCandles.com
Unearthed Candle, Portofino Caligo, a candle in a glass jar, set against the backdrop of a blue sea and steep rocky cliffs with colourful Italian houses and boats.

The Sweet Smell Of Success

In dire need of a solution, Lisa Clark of UnEarthedCandles turned to the Shopify App Store.

On discovering the listing for Bulk Product Editor & Sync, at first her expectations were modest.

She thought, at best, that she might find something which enabled her see all titles and descriptions in a spreadsheet, and hoped that at as a result, she would at least be able to eliminate the page-load and scrolling.

When I realised that you could replace something within the description, for multiple products – in one inquiry – I thought, “No way, it has to be saying something else.” I was absolutely floored when I learned it did exactly that.

Lisa Clark, UnEarthedCandles.com

An Easier Bulk Product Edit & Sync Process

Regular users of the Bulk Product Editor & Sync, UnEarthedCandles have enjoyed the boost in productivity that the app has provided.

For Lisa Clark, the best part of the experience was gaining at least a full day back within her unbelievably busy schedule.

It was like I suddenly had ten people working for me – and none of them were capable of making mistakes in the product changes required!

Lisa Clark, UnEarthedCandles.com

We’re delighted to hear that our most popular app, Bulk Product Editor and Sync is proving so helpful to UnEarthedCandles.com, and wish them many more valuable hours of reclaimed time in the future!

In this article we’ll go through the processes of creating a sale on our Shopify store with our Bulk Product Editor app. We’ll be working on a sample store where we want to offer a 10% discount for all products with the ‘Desk & Chair’ product type We’ll cover:

  • Tagging the products we want to include in the sale
  • Setting the ‘compare at’ price on our products
  • Reducing the product prices by 10%
  • Removing the product tags once the sale is complete

You can follow along on your own store by installing the free version of Bulk Product Editor for Shopify.

Tagging products in bulk

The first thing we want to do is add a tag named ‘Last Chance!‘ to products with the product type equals ‘Desk & Chair’. Depending on your theme settings this should be visible to customer and it will also help us identify the products in the future. We’ll do this by adding a filter to our edit:

Select the products to put on sale

Once we see the products we want to add click on the Modify Products button.

On this page we tell the app how we want to edit the products we just filtered for. Here we’ll say to add the ‘Last Chance!’ tag to all the products:

Adding the ‘Last Chance!’ tag

Once we’ve added the tag we’ll preview the edit to make sure that everything looks good and then we’ll run it:

Editing the Shopify Products

Depending on the number of products you have this may take several minutes. Fortunately the edits run in background and you can navigate away from the page without loosing your progress.

Setting the ‘compare at’ price of products

Before we decrease the price of our products we want to set the ‘compare at’ price to current price of the product. When we’re all done, this will ensure that the ‘compare at’ price is higher than the sale price and it will show up correctly on your site.

In technical terms, we’ll use the Bulk Product editor to set the “Compare at Price” field to be 100% (or equal) to the ‘Price field’. We can quickly do this with the app:

Bulk editing product prices

Now that we have the ‘compare at’ price set up let’s reduce the prices by 10%. We’ll filter for the ‘Last Chance!’ tag again and then run an edit on the price, choosing to round the price to the nearest 95 cents:

At this point the sale is ready to go, we’ve updated the tags, compare at price, and price and now it’s time to spread the word!

Removing tags from multiple products

Once the sale is finished you might want to remove the ‘Last Chance!’ tags that we added in step one. We have two ways to do this:

  • Undo, or revert, the previous edit that we created
  • Create a new edit to remove the tags

For this example we’ll just undo the previous tag edit to put things back to how they were before. To undo an edit, we’ll click on Edit History on the top right of the app, choose the edit and then click Undo


In this article we covered the basic of the Bulk Product Editor app and showed how you can easily launch a sale on a custom selection of products. There’s still lots of other features this blog post didn’t cover (including editing products via CSV/Excel) but now you know the basics.

And as always, if you have any questions feel reach to reach out.