Delete all products in a Collection with the Bulk Editor app for Shopify

Delete all products in a Collection with the Bulk Editor app for Shopify

Written by Ablestar
Jun 15, 2017

Update August 2020: Our Bulk Product Editor app now supports deleting products directly from the app. We’ve updated the article below to reflect this.

The Shopify admin lets you manage your products but sometimes advanced users need additional options that aren’t available. Recognizing this, we built the Bulk Editor app for Shopify which allows you to dynamically edit products in bulk and to perform tasks you couldn’t normally do otherwise.

Today we’ll cover one of these situations: how to delete all products in a Shopify collection.

Since the Bulk Editor can now delete products directly in the app, we just need to do the following:

  • Install the Bulk Editor app for Shopify
  • Use the app to filter for the products to delete
  • Delete the products in one go

The whole process should only take a couple minutes. Let’s get started!

Install the Bulk Editor app for Shopify

If you don’t already have the app you can install it from the Shopify app store. The installation process is straightforward and comes with a generous free plan that includes 5 free product edits every 30 days.

After you install the app it will sync all your products. This is a one-time process that we do so we can do custom searches on your products.

Once the initial import is complete you’re ready to go.

Filter for the products you want to delete

The first step is to identify all the products that you want to delete from Shopify. In this example we’ll delete all the products in a collection called Summer Collection.

First, click on the Filter button and select Collection. In the drop down, we’ll select Summer Collection

Filtering for all products in “Summer Collection”

After we choose the collection, the app will show a list of all the products that we’ll be modifying. If this looks correct, click the Modify Products button.

Delete the filtered products

Now that we’ve selected the products we want to modify (or delete), we need to choose how to modify them. In the Field to Edit drop down scroll down to the bottom and select Delete Products. The app will give you a live preview of the edit:

A preview of the edited (deleted) products

If everything looks correct, click on Delete Products. Since this operation is permanent, the app will ask you one more time to confirm you want to remove the products:

Removing products can’t be undone

Click on Delete Products one last time and the app will begin to delete the products:

Monitoring the progress of deleting the products

That’s all it takes to delete the products in a Shopify collection. You can also use the app to modify your products in other ways like:

  • Delete all products created in the last 7 days, or products with no photos
  • Create new products from a spreadsheet
  • Update product fields with a spreadsheet


This is just one example of how merchants can use the Bulk Editor app to take back control of their products and reclaim time in their day.

To get started for free, click the button below to add the app to your Shopify store.

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