Free Email Reports for your Shopify Store

Free Email Reports for your Shopify Store

Written by Ablestar
Nov 22, 2017

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our latest app just in time for the holiday season: Email Reports for Shopify!

When you first start an e-commerce store it’s fun to receive a Shopify email notification for each order. After all, it’s a big deal!

But as you grow it gets harder to track the trajectory of your store by these emails. You can’t remember, did I have five orders yesterday or six? Am I doing better than last week or not?

To solve these problems we’ve built a free Email Report app for Shopify. Simply install the app and you’ll receive daily, weekly or monthly emails summarizing your store sales:

Additionally, the app will tell you which products are your top sellers and how many more units you have in stock.

Configurable Options

Once you install the app it’s easy to configure. You can:

  • Add multiple recipients
  • Choose the exact hour you want your reports delivered

Finally, we’re always looking for new data to add to the reports. If you have some other metric you would like to track let us know!

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