Save Time with Bulk Editor for Shopify – Now In Beta!

Save Time with Bulk Editor for Shopify – Now In Beta!

Written by Ablestar
Jan 20, 2017

After several months of hard work we’re very happy to announce the beta launch of Bulk Editor by Ablestar! This app saves Shopify store owners hours of work by allowing them to edit multiple products simultaneously.

With powerful editing capabilities and the ability to undo bulk edits this is the perfect tool for managing a large number of products. Here are some examples of what you can do with the app:

  • Set the compare price to be 120% of the purchase price for all products
  • Create a collection ‘LAST CHANCE!’ for variants with less than 10 inventory in stock
  • Lower prices by $5.00 for products tagged with ‘SWIMSUITS’
  • Revert a previous edit that set prices back to their original value
  • Add products in the CLOTHING collection tagged with ‘2016’ to a collection named ‘LAST SEASON’

Here are some of the features we’re most excited about..

Edit values dynamically for products and variants

With Bulk Editor’s power you can dynamically edit values. Want to increase the inventory level by 10? We can do that. Want to set the display price to be 80% of the compare price? No problem.

Edit thousands of products at once

Bulk Editor is built to scale and we’ve tested it on shops with over 10,000 products. Once you’ve setup an edit it will run in the background – allowing you to move on to other tasks.

Roll-back edits

If you’ve decreased prices by 10% for a weekend sale you can easily undo the edit on Monday. This will revert the what ever field you changed back to it’s initial state. It’s also useful if you revert an edit that you’ve made in error.

Get started saving time

The app has just launched in beta and is available now in the Shopify App store. We’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Save hours—add Ablestar to your Shopify store today