Upcoming changes to editing Prices in Shopify

Upcoming changes to editing Prices in Shopify

Written by Ablestar
Dec 08, 2020

Update on January 28, 2020

Good news! Yesterday Shopify reversed its new policy on the Compare Price fields. The compare price no longer needs to be greater than the price. This means that you can use the compare price however you want, it can be larger, equal to or less than the price.

We are leaving the option in the app to edit the price and compare price fields together.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Original post:

If you’re using our Bulk Editor App to edit products on Shopify there’s some important changes coming in late December that affect how prices and compare at prices can be modified.

What changes are being made?

Shopify is releasing a new version of their API which requires the ‘compare price’ to be either blank or greater than the ‘price’ field. If this condition isn’t met, Shopify will refuse to update the product variant.

You can read more about the changes on our support site.

When are these changes taking effect?

We’re waiting until after the holiday rush and we will be upgrading to the new API version on December 21, 2020. After this date, the Bulk Editor app will no longer be able to set the ‘compare price’ to be equal to or lower than the ‘price’ field.

How do I run sales now?

We’ll be adding options to the In-App edits which allow you edit both the ‘price’ and ‘compare price’ fields at the same time. This will reduce the number of edits you need to launch a sale and will also help keep the relationship between the two fields correct.

Have you made any other updates to the app that can help?

We’ve made a couple other updates to the app which should help:

  • Added the option to set the ‘compare price’ to blank if the validation fails
  • Improved the exportable edit logs to include errors which will highlight any problems with the ‘compare price’ validation

How can I identify variants with invalid compare prices?

You can identify invalid compare prices either through the In-App edit or by exporting a spreadsheet with your product data.

To search for variants with invalid compare prices in the app click on In-App Edit and then apply the following filters:

  • Price = Compare Price
  • Price > Compare Price
  • Click on ‘all of the following’ above the search filters to change the match mode to ‘any of the following’

To identify invalid prices with a spreadsheet, click on Export Product Data, select the ‘price’ and ‘compare price’ fields and click on Generate Spreadsheet.

You can then use Excel or Google Sheets to filter for variants where the compare price isn’t greater than the price.

I still have some questions about how to edit the prices correctly

We’re happy to help, just send an email to support@ablestar.co with a description of your problem and we’ll sort it out.

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