Ablestar Bulk Product Editor vs Hextom Bulk Product Edit

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor vs Hextom Bulk Product Edit

Written by Deb Mecca
Jun 05, 2024
Ablestar vs Hextom


Are you wondering what the best bulk edit app is for your Shopify store? You’re in luck; we’ve done a side-by-side comparison, so you won’t have to.

If you’re reading this, you’ve reached the threshold within the Shopify admin and no longer want to manually edit hundreds or thousands of products every time you want to run a sale or change aspects of multiple products in your catalog. As a Shopify store with many products, it’s essential to avoid the risk of errors, and managing inventory changes at scale is vital. Apps like Ablestar Bulk Product Editor and Hextom Bulk Product Editor allow the store owner to adjust products in large quantities through a web application.

How Does Ablestar Bulk Product Editor Work?

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor is a reliable Shopify app that automates inventory management. It provides previews for bulk edits, an undo option, scheduling future edits, custom spreadsheet edits, and saved presets for future editing. The app is designed to cater to stores of all sizes, from automated inventory sync to setting up metafields for product edits at scale. It even integrates with Google Shopping to update products across entire feeds.

In Ablestar you start with your products and then choose which fields you want to bulk edit or export

Metafield bulk edits and filtering by metafields are a breeze as data is stored within the app for easy filtering. With Ablestar, configuring spreadsheet edits is a simple process. You can see if a row matches a product and can match the fields to the columns while looking at the actual data in your spreadsheet.

And if you’re worried about making a mistake, there are a couple of fail-proof features—you can see how many products you’ll be editing and what the edits will look like, and there’s a 1-click undo button that allows you to revert changes or correct any mistakes made during the editing process.

Thanks to this amazing app, I have saved countless hours. This app allows you to edit anything and everything with ease, and I have never encountered any problems while using it. I would highly recommend this app to anyone seeking to streamline their work process.

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Are you struggling with dropbox images to match your products in shopify without errors. This is definitely the app to do this... Lets say its saved me months of work, before I knew about this app i manually added over 1000 product images. I had another 1400 products images to update, this app did it in a few hours.


How Does Hextom Bulk Product Edit Work?

Hextom Bulk Product Edit is a Shopify app that performs large-scale edits across multiple products. Shopify stores can bulk edit hundreds or thousands of products with the ability to schedule future edits. The interface of the app can be cumbersome to use, and sometimes hard to navigate.

With Hextom you first select the field you want to edit

There is a scheduled undo edit option on their professional plan, but it’s more involved than just pressing a button like you can with Ablestar. To schedule an undo option, you’ll need to calculate how many hours after the initial edit you want the undo to run, e.g., 168 hours for one week.

The editing process is perfect for 1-off edits; otherwise, you’ll have to wait for each edit to conclude before the next one begins. The edits are processed in the order they are created and can’t be reordered.

With Hextom, configuring spreadsheet edits is a little more complicated. In the app, you select the column you want from a dropdown. The columns are labeled “Col 1”, “Col 2”, etc.. which can be hard to match with column names (like A, B, C) if you have a large spreadsheet. If things don’t match up exactly, this can easily cause errors in the process.

There are limited search options available in Hextom so searching for products that have a metafield, no images, number of variants, and duplicate SKUs isn’t possible.

Hextom does offer editing of things besides products, including orders and customers while Ablestar does not. Not all fields are editable but you can perform tasks like adding tags or updating notes in bulk.

Have not run into any issues with functionality and edits are done reliably and without errors. If an action is done by accident, it is easy to revert that action. Only minor gripe is that some times starting a bulk edit can take a bit longer than we like, however with all the benefits this app has provided, it saves way more time than the edit queue times add.

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When to choose Hextom Bulk Product Edit over Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor and Hextom Bulk Product Edit are automated bulk editing apps to improve the Shopify store’s operations for inventory. Hextom offers a cost-effective solution with features to help the store owner avoid risks when editing products in larger quantities. Ablestar offers a sophisticated feature set for stores looking for Google Shopping integrations, easy-to-follow shortcuts, and a reliable undo button based on user reviews and compatibility; Hextom is consistent and affordable, while Ablestar is adaptable and scalable. With that said, Hextom is more suited for start-ups and SMBs. Whereas, eCommerce stores with ever-changing needs require easier automation, custom edits, and a catalog selling on Google Shopping would want to consider Ablestar. Both app options have solid strengths: Hextom’s easy-to-use functionality and low cost and Ablestar’s scalability and reliability. The business decision for which app would best serve you comes down to your specific needs today. Either way, both serve Shopify merchants in a way that manual edits could never.

Edit your products with confidence with Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

If updating your store terrifies you, you aren’t alone. Gain confidence and visibility by previewing edits in Bulk Product Editor, monitoring your upload progress, and undoing the edit with a click if you find a mistake.

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor’s intuitive interface and flexible formatting also reduce the chance of errors. We accept multiple spreadsheet file types, saving you the step of reformatting your files and avoiding errors that could duplicate products or cause unwanted edits.

With a no-code, no-hassle, no-spreadsheet (if you want) SaaS Shopify app to managing tens of thousands of Shopify products. Save countless hours editing products, set product rules, and avoid and fix errors when you switch to Bulk Product Editor.


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