Woo Importer Updates

Woo Importer Updates

Written by Ablestar
Nov 16, 2016

Since we launched Woo Importer a little over a month ago we’ve helped people import over 50,000 products into Shopify. Along the way we’ve discovered the intricacies of both Shopify and multiple versions of WooCommerce and we want to thank all of you who worked with us to track down some hard-to-solve bugs.

Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out some changes to the app that we wanted to share with you.

Revised Import Wizard

The most visible change in the app is a revised import wizard. We’ve taken steps to simplify the process so you can get you products imported as easily as possible.

Product Import Tags

Now, when you import products in the app they will be tagged with a tag like ‘woo_import_2’. This tag can quickly be removed in the Shopify admin and makes it easier to manage imports with lots of products.

Improved WooCommerce API Support

The initial version of Woo Importer supported the most recent versions of WooCommerce (2.6.7 and up) but wasn’t testing on earlier versions. Since then we’ve made many updates to support a wider range of WooCommerce versions. We’ve also seen cases where other WordPress plugins would interfere with the WooCommerce API and we’ve moved to fix as many of those as possible.

Re-Import a WooCommerce Site

If you’ve previously imported products from a WooCommerce site and would like to re-import them you can quickly do so by clicking on the ‘Previous Imports’ button at the top of the screen. Re-importing an existing site is free and will re-download all new products from WooCommerce and insert them into your shop.

We hope you find these changes useful. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to drop us a line at support@ablestar.co

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