Monitor Shopify app rankings and uncover insights with Ablestar AppNavigator

Monitor Shopify app rankings and uncover insights with Ablestar AppNavigator

Explore today’s app trends and insights, unlock value for tomorrow.
Written by Mandy Bray
Jun 26, 2023
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8,621. That’s the number of apps live on the Shopify app store today, with hundreds of new apps and tens of thousands of reviews arriving each month. It’s harder than ever to monitor your app’s ranking and reviews—not to mention your competitors. We believe that with better data, you can create better apps.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce Ablestar AppNavigator, the newest way to explore, discover, and analyze Shopify apps. AppNavigator is a free, interactive search tool giving developers and merchants visibility into app rankings and trends.

How does AppNavigator work?

AppNavigator pulls Shopify app store data daily to show an app’s live store rankings as well as historical performance over six months, one year, or all-time. AppNavigator uses ChatGPT to analyze app reviews and create informative app summaries and highlights. With the tool, you can:

  • Search for apps by app name, developer, category, or rating 
  • View each app’s live and historical overall ranking and category rankings
  • Browse the app store’s top movers, most reviewed, and new apps each day 
  • Subscribe to receive app store trends by email
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What can you do with AppNavigator?

We designed AppNavigator to give developers insights into their app performance and view trends and gaps in the Shopify app ecosystem. Here are just a few of the many use cases. 

  • Conduct market research before launching a new Shopify app
  • Gain visibility into your app with insights you can’t find in the app store, like your overall and category ranking
  • Optimize your app by tweaking your app store listing and monitoring your ranking change
  • Identify common review themes through AI-generated summaries
  • Get user insights by seeing which other apps your users are reviewing


Shopify app reviews, Shopify app rankings, Omnisend

AppNavigator also gives merchants the power to discover and evaluate relevant Shopify apps without reading through hundreds of individual reviews.

  • Discover the best Shopify apps to save time and grow your business. Filter by category, ratings, and daily trends to find useful apps.
  • Gauge the credibility of app reviews with the average length of time reviewers have used the app 
  • Find your fit before downloading with review summaries and highlights

We’re just getting started— we’re building AppNavigator to be your all-in-one home for app store insights. Features in development include keyword rank tracking for the app store and RSS feeds for app reviews. Get started exploring today’s trends and unlock value for tomorrow.

Explore now with Ablestar AppNavigator 

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