Link Manager - Ablestar
The New Way

Our Link Manager app lets you track missing page errors and—more importantly—fix them quickly.

Discover broken links
Forget hours spent checking all your links. Quickly scan through all the pages on your site and know what to fix in quicktime.
"This is a very useful app! We used it in tandem with woo importer to bring our store to Shopify from WooCommerce . . ."
". . . This has also drastically increased our ranking on google because links will end up on a page rather than a 404!!!"
"AMAZING support that goes with a product that works . . . They go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need."

Don’t lift a finger as we handle everything

To discover any broken links, we scan your backend, follow each link, and record any pages that result in a 404 error. We then send you your results in minutes.

Save hours—add Ablestar to your Shopify store today